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At Fairfield Meat Centre we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled products and service delivery to the meat industry with our superior range of fresh and wholesome meat, poultry and cold meat.

Fairfield Butchery first opened its doors in June 1982 by Mr. Sonday. He has been in the meat trade since the age of 12 and is also known as the retail King in Cape town.

Through the years, the butchery has grown into what is now a rather unique ultra-modern meat centre. Hence, the name Fairfield Meat Centre. Our unique brand is well known especially to those residing in Cape Town and its surrounds. The Fairfield brand continues to flourish as one that is associated with quality, friendly service and low prices.

Warehousing and Distribution

We thrive on freshness in everything we do, and we deliver freshness with our fleet of trucks, fitted with onboard sealing systems to maintain the correct temperatures to keep our slaughtered animals from deteriorating.

We keep our lamb and beef fresh through cold rooms that remain on the correct temperatures. Currently, 10 000 lambs flow through our cold rooms every month.

Our specialised packaging machines are capable of packing 1000 kg’s per hour, allowing us to maintain the freshness our customers love.

Supply to the Hospitality Industry

We supply meat to the hospitality industry including hotels and restaurants.

With 140 experienced employees, trained and skilled to handle large orders, we provide the highest level of quality to various industries.

Bulk Retail Supply

We supply meat to large retail brands locally as well as internationally.
Our very busy import division sources meat and poultry for carefully selected suppliers abroad, all of whom uphold our philosophies and standards.

To accommodate the imports, we store our meat in chilling and freezing facilities that can contain up to 500 000 kg’s of product.

Farm, Slaughter and Distribution

Carefully selected, quality livestock is raised and nourished to ensure you receive only the freshest meat.

Livestock is ushered in restricted numbers onto specially designed well-ventilated carriers to avoid overcrowding.

Modern technology enables us to produce large volumes of cut meat products each week to meet the ever-growing demands of our customers.


We Follow Strict Hygiene and Halal Processes

Our livestock is transported to our sophisticated slaughterhouse where they are cut according to strict halal methods.

We ensure that strict hygiene standards and procedures are in place so that our customers can have peace of mind when purchasing our products that they are 100% safe for consumption.

Our specialised cleaning team ensures that we use SABS compliant cleaning detergents that ensure the elimination of all harmful and known bacteria that could affect our products.

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At Fairfield Meat Centre, we are committed to bringing excellence to our partners every step of the way – from the farm to the succulent tender meat that is served on your customer’s tables.

Partnering with Fairfield Meat Centre will allow you to provide your clients with exceptional service of meat, poultry and a range of groceries, fresh fruit, vegetables and juices.

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