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Our Social Responsibility

At Fairfield Meat Centre, we are dedicated to protecting the environment so that customers can enjoy delicious lamb, beef and chicken knowing that the environment is preserved. Through a range of initiatives, we continue to reduce our carbon footprint so we can provide future generations with the same fresh products.

Every kilowatt-hour (KW/h) that is spared saves over a kilogram of CO2 emissions. Specialised sensor lighting systems have therefore been installed inside and outside the store.

To further reduce carbon emissions and maintain cleanliness in the community, we recycle all used cardboard boxes.

We carefully consider the type of chemicals to use when cleaning our butchery.

To keep the store clean, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that protect against harmful bacteria, are gentle on the environment, and allow customers to enjoy freshly safe products.

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We have reduced unnecessary driving, and our drivers have adopted conscious driving habits.

Our drivers ensure they drive the speed limit and anticipate stops and starts to help reduce carbon emissions.

Our carefully planned delivery service reduces the amount of carbon monoxide emissions while still maintaining an excellent delivery service.

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As a socially responsible butcher, we guarantee you the best service.

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We play our part to protect our planet for you and your family.